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How Managed Print Aids IT Departments

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Managed Print Services offers businesses a host of money and time-saving benefits. Most organizations see improved productivity, reduced printing costs, enhanced security, and a better work environment for their staff members.

One of the most valuable benefits of Managed Print centers around your imaging equipment and the role IT departments play in managing it.

IT's Role in Printer Management

Every department in your organization will feel the impact in a positive way when you implement a Managed Print strategy, but perhaps none more so than your IT department.

Much of what goes on in your print infrastructure involves routine maintenance. Without a Managed Print provider, the bulk of this work falls to IT departments, hindering their ability to focus on your IT infrastructure. Managed Print can help by:

1. Installing Equipment

Managed Print service technicians are proficient at installing and upgrading copiers and printers with a minimum of disruption to office workflows. Give your IT department the time they need to focus on mission-critical tasks and leave equipment installation and printer management to certified service technicians.

2. Routine Maintenance

Your staff relies heavily on your IT department. In the case of your printers and copiers, they may rely on them a bit too heavily. IT departments report that a significant portion of helpdesk calls center around routine printer maintenance. Your IT experts should not be on call for print cartridge replacements and paper jams. Offload routine printer issues to Managed Print Experts and get your IT team back to work.

3. Network Efficiency

Networking your organization's printers can be a hassle that IT departments don't need. For organizations with multiple office locations, it's even more of a headache. Your printers can impact WAN traffic, causing network problems across your organization. A solid Managed Print solution will eliminate the difficulties networked printers can bring with them.

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