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Managed Print

BASE’s Approach to Managed Print:

​​​​​​​BASE Technologies partners with industry leaders like Kyocera to provide customers with first-rate copiers and printing systems. To help customers get the most out of these devices, we offer exceptional managed print services.

With our managed print services, we help clients create an environment that balances productivity, expenses, and employee satisfaction. We craft an all-encompassing print management solution that will align with your IT ​​​​​​​solutions network.

BASE trains its employees to take an informed, consultative approach to managed print. We focus on your business and tailor your print solution to match up with your core values and strategies.

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A person at work using a printer that is monitored by managed print services from BASE Technologies.

All About Our Managed Print:

Make informed decisions about your print management today. ​​​​​​​

Rules Based Printing

Printing costs are an often overlooked aspect of a company’s overhead. A single office worker can cost a business thousands of dollars through printing processes alone. Inefficiencies and wastefulness can compound these costs.

BASE Technologies’ managed print services help you rein in these costs of your copiers and laser printers. Rules-based printing lets you set restrictions on print jobs throughout your Connecticut workplace.

​​​​​​​You’ll have the power to:

  • Prevent excessive printing
  • Make your information more secure
  • Instill greater responsibility among your workers

Benefits of Rules-Based Printing

​​​​​​With rules-based printing, you’ll be able to:

  • Set restrictions on printing emails, websites, and other documents
  • Route jobs to alternate printers automatically when ​​​​​​​problems arise
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your printing
  • Limit times when people can use your devices
  • Keep track of printer usage

Learn how rules based printing ​​​​​​​can help you reduce costs.

Print Accountability

Wasteful and unclaimed print jobs can eat into a company’s budget. Not only can printing exhaust your paper and toner stock, but excessive usage can also wear down your printers and copiers. This can lead to service calls or the need to purchase new equipment.

With Print Accountability—a vital component of BASE Technologies’ managed print services—controlling and reducing your printing expenses is effortless. We’ll help you control how your laser printers and copiers are used while raising your bottom line.

Benefits of Print Accountability

Print Accountability enables you to:

  • Set quotas on pages printed
  • Set up user ID restrictions for tracking of print jobs
  • Track printing costs by departments or individuals
  • Set up payment requirements for printing
A stack of printed documents that are tracked by managed print services from BASE Technologies.

Printer Management

Information flows through your workplace every day. When your laser printers and copiers malfunction or break down, it can impede the flow of information. This can negatively impact your efficiency and profitability.

BASE Technologies’ managed print services will help keep your business productive. Printer management enables you to keep your equipment fully stocked and working. You’ll keep information circulating, get more work out, and bring more money in.

Discover why managed print will exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Printer Management

Get ongoing access to our trained team of experts. They can:

  • Install and upgrade printers and copiers quickly
  • Repair printer damage with minimal downtime
  • Replace broken or defective parts
  • Replenish your stock of toner and other supplies