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Schools and other educational organizations face many challenges regarding documents.

Due to state and federal regulations, schools must store student records for several years. Saving only paper copies can create storage problems, which can also lead to increased costs and hampered efficiency. You run the risk of misplacing or damaging those records, which can cause problems for current and former students.

Printed documents are an important feature for schools. You may need to print or copy material for classes on a regular basis. But if you don’t watch your printing carefully, waste and inefficient practices can drive up your overhead.

For more information on how BASE Technologies can help schools and businesses in the education field, contact us.

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Students using equipment from Base Technologies in the classroom.

How BASE Technologies Can Help

With our help, you can control your expenses, protect your information and more.

Our MFPs let you produce clean, sharp documents and images quickly and consistently. On top of this, these copiers and our document management solutions give you the ability to convert paper documents to digital form and organize them with minimal effort. Going digital will reduce your reliance on physical files and the costs that go with them.

Our available document management and IT solutions help you:

  • Retrieve records by using keywords, names, or student numbers.
  • Create student portfolios from scanned documents and other uploaded files.
  • Let parents see their kid's coursework in real time.


Our IT solutions have helped schools store documents better while meeting FERPA requirements for maintaining the privacy of student records.

Teaching Assistant®

Enhance Teacher Productivity and Test-Grading Efficiency

Teaching Assistant streamlines the task of printing, grading, and analyzing multiple-choice test results using popular bubble sheet forms. With Teaching Assistant, the Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP does the work. Educators can concentrate on the students and lesson plans rather than the time-consuming, error-prone process of manual test grading.

As an embedded app that runs on the Kyocera MFP, Teaching Assistant doesn't require network resources or IT support. What’s more, there's no server software to install or PC to connect. Teachers and support staff value its intuitive touch-screen operation, where an unlimited number of bubble sheets can be printed. The finalized tests are scanned, via Teaching Assistant, with test scores and associated reports immediately available—there’s no wait!

A Powerful App For Teachers and Classrooms

Comprehensive analytics even drill down the 10 easiest and 10 most difficult questions, enabling educators to identify strengths and weaknesses and gear classroom instruction accordingly. With direct integration with Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher, teachers can use data for statistical purposes throughout the semester.

Teachers will also have the ability to incorporate essay questions into their exams and the capability of printing test sheets with student names. All the while, student and test information is kept secure, since Teaching Assistant clears all test data from the MFP after every job.

Print Bubble Sheets, Analyze Grades, and More

Teaching Assistant uses economical, plain paper to generate bubble sheets. This means dedicated scanning systems with expensive pre-printed media, become a thing of the past. To further drive down costs, Teaching Assistant allows users to export test scores and reports directly to an email address or USB drive –– reducing paper, toner and energy consumption.

The value of Teaching Assistant extends beyond K-12 school districts and can be easily deployed in corporate environments for product, sales, and service training programs.

Teaching Assistant is a registered trademark of Kyocera. Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.