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Expenses connected to producing documents can be a concern for law firms. If left unchecked, wasteful or inefficient printing can raise your operating costs.

For law firms and other businesses connected to the legal profession in Connecticut, it often becomes necessary to manage large amounts of information.

This can include:

  • Case files
  • Billing records
  • Time tracking records

Saving documents in paper form can substantially increase storage costs. Worse still, it could lead to lost, misplaced, or stolen information. You could run the risk of facing legal penalties in addition to lost revenue and diminished trust in your business.

For more details on how law firms can benefit from BASE Technologies’ products and services, contact us.

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How BASE Technologies Can Help

With BASE Technologies’ document management and IT solutions, you can control costs and keep your information secure and organized.

You’ll have the ability to:

  • Eliminate costs based on storing paper documents.
  • Make your case files easily accessible throughout your office.
  • Collaborate easier with fellow attorneys and litigation teams.
  • Share information with clients and opposing counsel quicker.
  • Find records using client name, docket number and other options.
  • Use Bates numbering integration.

With a BASE Scan Package, you can have all of the functionalities above, with the addition of free network support!

Our Managed Print services will help you lower your overhead. We’ll show how you can print less wastefully and more cost-effectively. You’ll also be able to exert greater control over who can access and print your information.

Lawyer using Base Technologies equipment in a law firm.


BASE Technologies has helped law firms and other companies connected to the legal profession perform better.

Attorneys have been able to:

  • More effectively collaborate with others.
  • Promptly present information to clients and opposing counsel.
  • Better protect and manage case files.