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Cloud-Based Document Solutions Deliver a Host of Benefits

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Many organizations have recognized the benefit of moving some of their business processes to the cloud. When understood and used correctly, cloud computing can deliver benefits on several fronts:

  • The cloud can provide the anytime/anywhere file access today's organizations need to stay competitive.
  • Files stored in cloud repositories are more secure than paper files or those stored on desktop hard drives.
  • Keyword tags make it faster and easier to locate content.
  • Cloud solutions improve collaboration among employees.

Is the Cloud for You?

If your company is looking at a move to the cloud, a few considerations are in order. As a part of your company's overall Document Solutions strategy, cloud computing can play a key role. Your cloud services provider will work with you to determine your company's requirements. A few questions to answer include:

1. Do you know your current bandwidth requirements?

An assessment of your current bandwidth requirements is recommended to maintain optimal performance.

2. Will your current business software function well in the cloud?

Not all business software is the same, and not all are cloud-capable. Check with your vendor to find the answer to this question, and also inquire about vendor support should you choose a move to the cloud.

3. How many users are on your network?

You'll need to provide some metrics showing average as well as peak demands on your network.

4. Can your current applications communicate with each other in the cloud?

It's not enough for just one software line to work great in the cloud. Information sharing capabilities between software are critical.

Are Cloud-Based Document Solutions Right for You?

At BASE Technologies, we work with your organization to fine-tune your Document Solutions. For example, advances in cloud technology have turned your multifunction system into an information-storing and sharing device with powerful workflow capabilities.

Contact us at BASE Technologies for Document Solutions and Cloud Services to help you accomplish more work in less time.