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2019 Benefits of Managed Print Services from Print Audit

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

The use of managed print services is growing as the many benefits of this arrangement become clear. There are so many ways that managed print can save a business both time and money that it's a fast-growing service for businesses of every type. If you're considering managed print services, here are just a few ways that this service can help your business.

Letting IT Do IT

It's become too common to have a company's IT workers put in charge of taking care of the printers. However, this means they can spend less of their time on actual IT work. In addition, many IT workers aren't well versed in printer maintenance. Each model of printer has its own maintenance needs and features to keep running, and your IT workers should not have to learn all of the ins and outs of that machine. When IT workers have less time for IT duties, your entire computer network could suffer. Getting managed print services puts printer maintenance, repairs and stocking supplies to printer techs who are highly knowledgeable about your printer type. Then, your IT department can keep your network safe.

Keeping Your Printers Private

Your laser printers are a part of your overall computer network. They may not be computers, but they receive streams of data to print, and that data can be hacked. Managed print services monitor your laser printers as well as making sure that all updates are installed and every security measure is taken to keep that data safe. Without professional care for your printer fleet and the quick updates of the system, hackers can take advantage of any software flaws to hack in and steal data.

Cutting Printing Costs

If you don't have managed print, you may have high printing costs that you've been trying to figure out. Why is it costing so much? When there is no one to monitor the usage of the printer, employees will print as much as they like, whether or not they really need to do so. They may also print everything in color simply because they can. Once the printer is monitored for employee usage, however, printer users think twice about whether those pages really have to be printed and whether black-and-white is fine for the document. With less printing going on, you will pay less or ink, paper and electricity usage for the machine.

If you're ready for Base Technologies to take care of your office printers, contact us to find out more and get started.