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The Security Threat From Your Office Equipment

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Threats from hackers are nothing new, but there's a threat that outdates them by decades, and it's still hanging out at your office.

Paper Problems

You've done everything possible to address data security, including switching from paper to digital document management solutions. Nonetheless, we're still a long way off from an entirely paperless world, and businesses depend on their office printing equipment for situations that demand a hard copy. How your employees handle printed documents can have a significant bearing on your company's overall security status. Here's how to keep risks to a minimum.

Secure Your Office Equipment

Office equipment vulnerabilities can put your company at risk of a catastrophic security breach. Hackers have learned how to exploit unprotected office printers and copiers, entering networks and gaining access to stored information. Long before anyone is aware of their presence, thieves can install malware and viruses and gain unlimited access to confidential information. Your first line of defense is to work with your office equipment provider to set up secure passwords and data encryption solutions to protect your network and stored data.

Train Your Employees

Are your employees aware of the right procedures for printing, handling, and destroying confidential documents? To find out, spend a day or two looking in recycle bins, printer trays, and desktops. Check for documents with printed financial data, HR details, sensitive company correspondence, etc., and then begin a formal training program to help employees follow better security procedures.

Track Printing

Managed print solutions that keep tabs on employee printing habits can solve many of your company's print-related security problems. Research shows that when employees are aware that office equipment includes print-tracking software, they print fewer documents and think twice before printing sensitive information.

Is your office equipment helping or hurting your security situation? Contact BASE Technology for expert assistance today!