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The Right Office Equipment for Your Educational Institution

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Working in education often means doing more with less in order to fit into constrained budgets. But it doesn't mean that you need to go without critical tools entirely.

Office equipment is essential to make sure that you are distributing communications, scanning and processing work that is turned in, organizing student records, and keeping information secure.

The Tools You Need to Teach

What are some tools that help for teaching? Here are some of the top pieces of equipment in education.

  • The multifunction printer - ensure that you can print, copy, and scan-to-email all in one place. Also, it's efficient and saves money.

  • A high-volume scanner - you'll eventually need to process hard-copy documents and input them into your digital system. This is the best way to make it fast and efficient.

  • A large-format or high-resolution printer - for all the banners, posters, and announcements that need to be of professional quality.

Improve Workflows and Efficiency in Your School

In addition to the equipment, you also need outsourced support in some areas to streamline workflows, save employees time, and create savings.

The top service that educators and administrators need is managed print. Managed print services creates a comprehensive oversight plan for your print environment to save every busy employee time and money on printing.

Let's Talk

Getting the right tools for your job and your institution shouldn't be hard - it should be simple to find what you need. That's where a reliable, helpful vendor comes in to help. At Base Technologies, we can help you find the equipment you need, identify the workflow solutions for your institution, and get 2023 on the right track to best serve your students. Reach out to the Base Technologies Team today.