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How Much is Print Really Costing You?

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Your office print environment costs more than you think—and you probably already know that it costs more than you'd like it to. Having a reliable print budget that you can stick to is one way to get a major office expense under control. Managed print services are the everyday solution for your office to functionally oversee print, manage costs, order supplies, and coordinate maintenance and print fleet. It's the answer. But first—how bad is the problem?

Hidden Print Costs

Print costs can crop up in ways that you may not have totally realized were impacting your budget. For instance, you know that wasteful printing is a problem. But did you know that the average employee prints approximately 10,000 pages a year, costing almost $800 per employee in wasted printing? That number is a major impact on print spending. Then, calculate in supplies. People ordering different supplies, using the wrong supplies, or just buying a new desktop printer—the hard costs of equipment compile fast and result in overspending on print. Now that you're getting the idea that unnecessary print expenses are totally in the thousands—and above—per year for your business, it's time to get it under control.

Available Print Savings

Managed print services will help establish a regular, monthly budget that you can stick to. The team will also reduce wasteful printing, get a handle on your print fleet and supply processes, and organize your office-wide print needs. Get ahead with the team that can help you save money.

Set Up Your Office

Get set up for success with managed print that will organize your entire print environment and help you save. Talk to the Base Technologies team today to see how managed print will help build business and cut unnecessary costs.