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Stop Blaming the Water Cooler

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

According to a recent survey, the guilty party when it comes to productivity drops in your office may be your office equipment. Read on to ferret out what's happening, where it's happening, and what you can do about it.

Maybe It's Not the Water Cooler's Fault

You purchased your office equipment with an eye toward improving productivity. So, what happened? When your office equipment is outdated, inconveniently located, or there's just not enough of it, the unfortunate result is that productivity suffers.

For example, a centralized multifunction printer is designed to improve productivity across your organization. These four-in-one office workhorses can save organizations time and money, but when employees have to wait in line to scan a few documents or make a couple of copies, those lost minutes can add up. These centralized print locations can also have unintentional consequences—when employees use them as a new social gathering spot, it's easy to lose focus on the task at hand.

Simple Changes with Big Results

Fortunately, a few simple changes may be all it takes to help employees regain their focus and meet productivity goals.

  1. Poll employees to find out if some additional strategically-located laser printers would help them stay on task.
  2. A few well-placed scanners can help key employees cut back on the time required to route information into company workflows.
  3. Do you need some additional multifunction printers? These devices can copy, print, scan, and fax while using a relatively small office footprint, and they deliver an excellent return on investment.
  4. Check into document solutions like cloud servicesmanaged print, and workflow optimization to improve the way your staff members route documents, communicate, and collaborate on projects.

Who knew some office equipment simple changes could be the solution to ramp up productivity across your organization? To find out more, get in touch with us at BASE Technologies today!