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Start Saving Now With Managed Print

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Printing costs often fly under the radar, and most organizations have no idea how much they're spending. From unmanaged print devices to unnecessary printing, costs can quickly soar out of control, with many organizations spending up to 3% of annual revenues on document printing.

Read on to discover how Managed Print can bring those costs down in a hurry.

Your Initial Assessment

A successful Managed Print strategy begins with an initial assessment.

  • Discover your true cost-per-page.

  • Learn which devices are truly providing you with cost-effective productivity, and which are just costing money.

  • Gain access to valuable data, like print volumes by department and user, workflow bottlenecks, and wasteful printing habits.

Establish Rules and Policies

Do your print-happy employees cost your company thousands of dollars each year? You may appreciate your employees, but that doesn't mean you should pay for them to print out emails, web pages, and Facebook memes.

Rules Based Printing allows your company to establish restrictions on printing to bring costs down.

  • Keep track of volumes and printing habits.

  • Restrict color printing and other advanced features.

  • Establish rules for printing emails, web pages, and other unnecessary documents.

  • Limit access to certain devices.

Improve Device Management

Your printing equipment can help your organization improve the way you do business, or they can be a hindrance to productivity that drains revenues. Managed Print provides the expert Printer Management you need to keep your devices performing at their best.

  • Fast installation and upgrades.

  • Fast response to printer issues.

  • Automatic delivery of toner and other consumables to keep workflows moving.

  • Free up your IT staff to concentrate on innovation and training.

  • Routine device maintenance.

  • Parts replacement.

  • Elimination of old devices that are no longer adding to your overall productivity.

  • Strategic placement of printers and other imaging equipment to better serve your workflows.

To find out more ways Managed Print can help your organization, contact us at BASE Technologies today!