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Signs that your Business Needs to give VOIP a Try

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

What is VoIP? What does VoIP mean?

As a technology, it's essentially a protocol that allows technology companies or telecommunication companies to send voice over the IP network, or in other words, over the Internet. People enjoy using the VoIP Phone Service over a traditional phone system. Why is that? Well, because it offers many more capabilities and it can do it all for less than half the cost. Take a closer look at what you need to know about Voice over Internet Protocol, including the reasons why your business should move to the Cloud.


There Are Many Flavors of VoIP!

A company might have an in-house phone system and might be either end of life on that phone system, or might be addressing some limitation issues. They look at VoIP, which is a new technology, to be able to meet some of those needs.

There are a few solutions that can incorporate VoIP into the solution. One is a cloud phone system, or a fully-hosted solution, and there are some solutions that basically address a certain piece of the puzzle, like SIP trunking.

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

1. All costs related to the Cloud Phone System or Hosted PBX are consolidated onto a per extension cost: Similar to the way electricity is paid for without having the need to have your power generator, pay gas and maintain it; your cloud provider will be the one investing in, maintaining, and delivering this service to you. Pay only for the number of extensions you need.

2. No setup or implementation fees to have your Hosted PBX system up and running. The account starts billing when the account is activated.

3. Unlimited phone lines are included with the service. No busy signals.

4. Unlimited calling within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are included in the Hosted PBX model. This makes your monthly communication costs more predicable.

5. Unlimited Support: Eliminating that high maintenance and consulting costs.

6. Ability to connect multiple offices to the system: Since all the phones connect to the cloud phone system over the internet, adding a second, third office to the system is as simple as physically moving the phone to that location, plugging into the network and that’s it! Now that location can be reached by the 3 or 4 digit extension, can be part of a call queue, or calls be transferred seamlessly from the main office.

7. Weather or Emergency preparedness: When planning ahead is possible, in case of bad weather, employees can plan and take those phones home and continue to make/receive calls or they can use the service with our mobile or desktop apps.

8. Business Continuity: Since the Cloud Phone System/Hosted PBX and Phone Lines reside in the cloud, a power outage in your office will not affect the cloud. The call will be welcomed by the auto-attendant, the caller will be able to dial the desired extension or department, leave a voicemail, and with our Voicemail to Email feature, the voicemail becomes an email attachment that can be played on any smartphone (mobile device). In addition to that, end-users can continue to send and receive calls using our Mobility Suite comprise of mobile and desktop apps.

9. Amazing features typically not found in the traditional (old school) systems such as voicemail to email, fax to email, call recording, advanced call management, chat, among others.


How to Get Started 

The Base Technologies team is the reliable vendor that will evaluate your office needs, output information, and technological status to make sure that VOIP  will perform smoothly in your office. With operations, productivity matters, and the right equipment will be the best investment you can make. Talk with BASE Technologies today.