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3 Ways Government Agencies Benefit from Managed Print Skip to main content


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3 Ways Government Agencies Benefit from Managed Print

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

In order to set up an organized, budget-conscious print environment, agencies need to consider all of the benefits. Partnering with a reliable managed print services vendor is helpful in building a sustainable office environment, creating business efficiencies, and providing exemplary management of public funds. Read on to see the three big benefits that outline how this simple solution can make a difference in your agency's operations.


Security is a key issue for government agencies, and managed print services will ensure that your data security is protected from breaches using equipment security features and access restrictions. Add this extra level of security to ensure you are covered.


Cost savings adds up fast with managed print. You'll get a reliable monthly budget and save money on all the following benefits:

  • Reduced personal printers
  • Regulated printing to allow only professional needs
  • Overall reductions in print output
  • Lower levels of waste and recycling - also a big boost for sustainability!
  • Few supply orders
  • Less supplies needed - paper, toner, etc.
  • Less maintenance required due to reduced use
  • Streamlined oversight and management from the vendor

Managed print is a bigger investment than just buying equipment - you are investing in a reliable, predictable monthly print budget that won't overspend. An investment is one that really makes money in return, and you'll see that savings with managed print.

Streamlined Workflows

Every agency needs to consider workflows once in a while, for efficiency and retention reasons, in addition to productivity and budget considerations. Workflows will see major improvements through efficiency, using digital tools, and streamlining your entire print environment. Getting ahead of this by investing in managed print can save money and functionality in the long run.

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