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Printers for Today's Businesses

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Office equipment has made some leaps in the last few years. How long has it been since your business updated? After a few years of not really thinking about office equipment during the pandemic, you might be surprised at how equipment has developed and technology has advanced recently.

It's good to do an annual review of print technology just to make sure you aren't missing out on savings. If it's been a while, let's look it over now!

Print for Marketing

For your own print review, you'll want to start with where your technology currently is and how it's serving your business. Do you enjoy reliable printer functionality? Does your printer meet the volume and resolution needs you have? Starting with these questions will give you a good idea to start, but there are now printer advancements out there that may surprise you.

First of all, printing is available in various sizes and photo resolutions to meet your needs. Do you often send marketing materials out to a printer? You can invest in large format print to take care of these in-house and find notable savings on your outsourced printing.

Print for Mobile Meetings

Now that you've analyzed how print can elevate your materials and increase your efficiency, it's time to look at what new print features can take your business up another level.

Mobile print is an easy solution that makes access from anywhere easier for your teams. If employees are on-the-go to work with clients, mobile print might be a great solution for you.

Also, print security. It's less fun but totally essential. Talk to your print vendor about advancing your print security today.

Go Further with Better Access to Print

Print environments are not exactly efficient areas of most businesses. That's okay—it's easy to shift how your print environment operates and add essential oversight and management to reduce costs and build sustainability into your print systems. Base Technologies is a leader in managed print—reach out to the Base Tech Team to get started.