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Cut Costs with Rules Based Printing

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Making appropriate budget cuts where possible is always a goal in your company to increase efficiency. But there may be some areas where you can have a big impact in spending that you haven't considered. The best example is in print. Print costs can get out of control quickly in any business. From supply waste to excessive printing, when you implement rules based printing, you can reduce the amount you spend on print and see a major improvement in your budget.

Rules Based Printing Explained

What is rules based printing? Essentially, implementing print policy that reduces waste and overspending. Here are a few examples:

  • Discouraging printing emails and other digital communications
  • Ensure that high-volume print jobs are completed at the lowest resolution and cost possible
  • Preset defaults to operate at low scale and black and white
  • Reduce the amount of printing on expensive paper
  • Cut back on wasteful printing

Also, Base Technologies operates on the cycle of print management that follows improve, monitor, operate guidance to ensure your print environment is always optimized for efficiency and cost savings.

The Big Picture: Managed Print Services

How can you manage these changes appropriately while using data to show the impact on your business? It's easy—you partner with a managed print services provider to line out your new print environment and your print policies. They will also perform print audits to review the data and savings.

Managed print services can also help review your print fleet, additional print practices like printing duplex, identifying duplicate projects, and creating charge-backs to further address print waste and costs in your office.

Working with Managed Print

To implement managed print services and rules based printing in your office, all you need to do is connect with your preferred vendor: BASE Technologies. We'll take it from there and individualize your managed print to fit your company.