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How to Scan to Google Drive Using a Multifunction Printer

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

The paperless office is definitely on the rise, with more and more SMBs getting on board every day. Even so, paper documents still enter your workflows every day. Getting these documents into your business processes isn't difficult as long as you have solutions in place to deal with them the moment they come through the door.

A Simple Solution

Scan-to-cloud storage solutions are now a popular choice, and many businesses scan their documents directly into Google Drive. For most organizations, a networked multifunction printer is the device of choice for scanning documents into cloud repositories and workflows. If your organization lacks a network-ready multifunction printer or scanner, your office products and services provider can help get you started.

Follow these simple steps using your copier's interface to begin the process.

  1. Select the app: Search for the Google Drive app on your multifunction printer's touchscreen interface.

  2. Connect to your Google account: Go to your browser and enter the address indicated on your device. Choose your Google account and enter the code shown on your multifunction printer or scanner.

  3. Set up security features: Protecting your Google account with a PIN is essential to keep unauthorized users from accessing your documents.

  4. Choose your scanning options: You'll be asked to choose from a list of scanning options, including gray-scale or color, resolution, file format, and document input (document feeder or flatbed).

  5. Set up shortcuts: You can save time by allowing your multifunction printer to send scans to more than one Google account. You'll still need to enter a PIN for security purposes, but this one-button scanning shortcut will save some time, especially for busy offices.

That's it! If you need help scanning documents, your office services and equipment provider will be happy to assist you.

To learn more about using your multifunction printer to scan documents into Google Drive, contact us about this and other office services at BASE Technologies today!