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3 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Office Equipment Skip to main content


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3 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Office Equipment

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

You've invested in state-of-the-art office equipment, and you want it to last well into its expected lifecycle. Without the proper care, however, your office equipment may need replacing much sooner than your budget can handle.

Read on for some simple tips for keeping productivity moving forward by getting the most from your copiers and printers.

1. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Your office imaging equipment came with an owner's manual, and you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's basic care tips. If you can't locate the printed manual, you should be able to find it online. In other cases, the touchscreen interface may have care instructions included; look for them in the menu.

2. Keep your office equipment clean.

Your laser printers, copiers, and document scanners get a substantial workout every day, and regular cleaning is a must. Tell-tale signs that cleaning is overdue include smudges or lines on your documents and frequent paper jams.

  • Clean the scanning glass and document feeder regularly by using a manufacturer-approved cleaner applied to a soft cloth. To avoid damage, never spray liquid cleaner directly onto your equipment.
  • Clean paper dust from paper trays and feeders using a soft, dry cloth. Move dust away and out from document-entry areas.
  • Carefully dust outside parts with a clean, soft cloth.

3. Pay attention to your paper.

Overloading paper trays or using paper that's been exposed to moisture is a paper jam in the making.

  • Use the guideline on the inside of the paper tray to avoid overfilling.
  • Store paper in a cool, dry environment.
  • Avoid using low-quality paper that may produce more fibers and dust than better-quality copy paper.

Is your office equipment performing as it should? For expert assistance and support, get in touch with the team at BASE Technologies today!