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Big Data and Learning Styles

Wed May 24, 2023 | Base Technologies

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally figured out that not everyone learns in the same way. While some people enjoy reading manuals, there are others who turn stone cold brain-dead at the very thought. For businesses who want to get the most from their employees, there's a new and efficient way to find out just how each of them learns.

Take a Survey?

In the past, learning institutions thought the best way to instruct was to detect the most common ways people learn, and then design for the average learner. It was believed that most people could identify their own learning style, and surveys were conducted to gain insight. It may have been the path of least resistance, but it certainly wasn't the most efficient.

Wired for Discovery

As it turns out, human beings are hard-wired for discovery and exploration. No surprise there. From our earliest known history, we've been on one quest after another. The quest for fire. The quest for Mars. We truly never stop exploring.

We now know how our brain reacts to discovery. A chemical flash in our reward center occurs each time we make a discovery. Whether it's the pleasure of discovering a new word or just a new coffee shop, our brains literally light up with contentment.

Not surprisingly, our preference for a specific style of learning produces the same results.

Enter Big Data

Big data can provide valuable information to your organization that goes beyond marketing. Today, big data can help quantify how your individual staff members learn best by tracking how your employees access learning tools. From procedures manuals and videos to blog posts and online chats with colleagues, big data can help your enterprise tailor learning experiences to make each employee's experience more productive and exponentially more valuable.

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