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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Office Equipment

Wed May 24, 2023 | Base Technologies

When you think about what business equipment you need in your office, undoubtedly, a copier/printer is one of the biggest investments. While there are many new options available, from a basic copier to a multi-functional printer, there are even more opportunities when you look at refurbished equipment. Purchasing used, reconditioned equipment is a great way to get the printer you need while saving some money for your business.

New to You

Think of refurbished office equipment like buying a used car. It doesn't mean that it is not still in great shape--it just means that the previous owner was ready to move on to a newer model. This is a great opportunity for you to own or lease a gently used machine that can still print, scan, copy, fax, collate, and then some! Just be sure to research options and find a machine that has gone through an extensive certified refurbishing process to ensure it is in top shape. Reconditioned office equipment is a great way for you to update your print program while respecting your budget.

Sustainable Selection

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, used office equipment helps you save green by being green. By selecting a refurbished machine, you are increasing sustainability by preventing previously used equipment and parts from ending up in a landfill. Giving a new life to old equipment also reduces the need for new printers and copiers to be produced, saving valuable resources.

Refurbished and Reconditioned

Refurbished and reconditioned office equipment, particularly copiers and printers, offers high-quality, equipment at discounted prices. Gently used equipment offers many benefits:

  • upgrade your printer or copier (possibly to a higher-end machine that you would not be able to afford new)
  • save money and preserve tight budgets
  • environmentally responsible choice
  • improve print efficiency and quality
  • equipment has been reconditioned by expert technicians


For more information on acquiring reconditioned office equipment in the Western Connecticut region, contact BASE Technologies today.