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Are Your Document Solutions Putting Your Data At Risk?

Sun May 28, 2023 | Base Technologies

Are your document solutions helping protect your company's sensitive data, or are they putting it at risk? External security breaches are at an all-time high, and internal breaches aren't faring much better. Read on to find out where the risks are coming from, and how you can lessen them with secure electronic document solutions.

The Trouble With Paper Document Processes

While paper documents still have a role to play in daily business processes, paper-filed documents can also put sensitive data at risk. Consider these factors:

  • 61% of data breaches occurring in small business are related to paper-based processes.
  • Paper documents are easily destroyed, misfiled, or lost.
  • Paper is difficult or impossible to track, causing delays in approval processes and inevitable cost overages.
  • There's no way to keep unauthorized personnel from viewing sensitive information printed on paper documents.

The Trouble With Document Sharing Via Email

It's been a long time since email was the best thing since sliced bread, and sharing documents via email creates a virtual hailstorm of security and workflow issues.

  • Email prompts employees to default to the PRINT button just to save time.
  • More than half of employees still print out emailed documents requiring their signature.
  • Nearly a third of knowledge workers print out PDFs sent to them via email.
  • There's no way to track email attachments. Did they get to the correct person? Will someone else see it? Can you tell whether it's been reviewed and approved as requested?
  • Is the attachment you received via email the final version?
  • Did you miss a revision and are working with faulty or outdated data?
  • Employees often use free PDF converters, opening up sensitive data to unauthorized viewing.
  • 85% of employees reportedly depend on sharing solutions like DropBox or USB drives, putting proprietary company information at risk.

It's clear that paper and email-based document solutions are just too risky. Contact us at Base Technologies for digital document solutions that enhance security while improving your company's daily workflows.