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Your Data and the Cloud

Sun May 28, 2023 | Base Technologies

It's impossible to have a discussion about the cloud without also talking about security. Some business owners favor on-site data storage, believing it to be more secure. Others see on-site storage as a security risk they're not willing to take, opting instead for cloud storage as a more secure document solution.

What You Should Know

Opinions aside, the only real way to make an informed decision is to address the security concerns many business owners have when deploying cloud services. Here are just a few:

  1. Growing data breach incidents. There's no denying that security breaches are rising. According to the Ponemon Institute, 2014 saw a 10% rise from the previous year, with 43% of companies falling victim to data breaches. Astonishingly, a breach in South Korea put 40% of the population's credit card information at risk.

  2. Public vs. Private. The debate continues: Are private cloud strategies more secure or will you data be just fine when stored with public cloud services? At the end of the day, user oversights and failures are the main source of security issues with either choice.

  3. Your biggest threat. If you think the majority of security breaches come from the hands of criminals, think again. In 2015, it was employees who caused more than half of them. Many are not intentional, which brings up the case for improved and ongoing training.

  4. Got BYOD? The rising BYOD trend means more and more employees are accessing company information via outside networks, putting data at risk. Employees often act too quickly, accessing cloud services before IT departments have a chance to assess security protocols.

  5. New risks ahead. In the next (very short) four years, experts predict explosive growth in the IoT sector, opening up even more vulnerabilities.

Document Solutions You Can Trust

Why take a chance with security? You can trust your information to Base Technologies. Our holistic document solutions approach can help you manage your data faster, better, and with heightened security. Contact us at BASE Technologies today to learn more!