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What's Behind the Growth of Managed Print?

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Did you know that Managed Print is the fastest growing sector of the document imaging industry? By the year 2015, businesses of all shapes and sizes had made the decision to place almost 40 percent of their imaging devices with a Managed Print Services provider.

What's Behind the Growth?

Whenever growth is present, it's wise to take note. Managed Print isn't a trend or a fad; it's a proven method for reducing costs, improving productivity and increasing efficiency for organizations in all sectors. Here's the how and the why:

1. Big Savings

You may think you've cut the fat from nearly every aspect of your organization, but if you're new to Managed Print, there are more savings ahead. It's not uncommon for businesses to see cost reductions as high as 30 to 45%:

  • Lower print volumes and less waste of consumables.

  • Improved workflows with device relocation and optimization.

  • Automated supply reordering to eliminate bulky supply cabinets and the costs incurred to manage them.

  • Fewer downtimes that interrupt projects.

  • Ongoing device optimization and maintenance, eliminating expensive break-fix scenarios.

  • Lower energy bills through the elimination of redundant or outdated devices.

2. Multi-faceted Service

While cost reductions are certainly an attractive feature of Managed Print, there's more to it than that. Your Managed Print Services agreement has the word Services built in.

  • Expert installation of new imaging equipment.

  • Ongoing training for your staff by industry-trained experts.

  • Ongoing print environment assessment to improve workflows and reduce waste.

  • Helpdesk service.

  • Superior service with quick responses to your questions and maintenance requests.

  • On-site or remote device monitoring keeps your equipment performing at its best, with many issues addressed even before your staff is aware of their existence.

To find out why so many companies are choosing Managed Print Services, contact us at Base Technologies today!