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Protecting Your Customers' Information

Wed May 24, 2023 | Base Technologies

While we're all well aware of recent high-profile security breaches, Target being among the worst, many small to medium businesses (SMBs) aren't aware that they're just as vulnerable. In fact, cyber attackers are deliberately targeting SMBs, successfully walking away with customer information, trade secrets, and financial data. It's vital that organizations take steps to protect themselves from data breaches.

The basic precautions outlined below can help your company avoid becoming a hacker's next victim.

Take a Business-Wide Approach

The reason hackers were so successful during the Target attack was because of a third-party vendor whose security practices were not up to par. Security policies must be followed across the organization in order for them to be effective, and that includes employees and third parties. Require clear security policies, including strong passwords, then establish penalties for ignoring them.

Secure Employee Access

Hackers can gain access to company networks via employee computers, mobile devices, and home networks. Taking steps to minimize the risk is crucial.

  • Train employees in the use of strong login information and passwords, and require these to be changed at least once a month.
  • Limit access to certain databases to minimize risk.
  • Partner with experts offering office services like secure Document Solutions and Managed Print.
  • Require additional authentications beyond passwords.
  • Make sure your company Wi-Fi is encrypted and secure.
  • Require BYOD employees to install security apps on all devices and make it clear that company security policies must be enforced.

Maintain Secure Card Processing Standards

If your business processes credit cards, there are strict mandates in place to make sure the information is protected. Following those standards will help you protect sensitive customer information. Losing sensitive customer information is a sure way to lose their business.


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