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Home Sweet Home Office

Fri May 26, 2023 | Base Technologies

Are you one of the millions of self-employed or mobile employees working from a home office? If so, are you doing everything you can to make your work-from-home experience as rewarding as possible? While there are obvious benefits (like no stressful commutes and no line at the office copier), we submit that those who work from home deserve an office space that's, well, worth coming home to!

Your Awesome Office

Here are just a few tips to take your home office from ho-hum to exceptional.

1. Capitalize on Color

If you typically describe your work as stressful, blues and greens may be your best choice. Taken from water, sky, and forest, they are perceived as natural and calming.

Does your work require attention to detail? Then opt for pops of red, which is a known performance booster.

If anxiety is a problem (worried about writer's block or making the next deadline?), you'll benefit from the energy and warmth that orange can bring to a room.

2. Lighten Up!

Take advantage of the natural light coming through your windows by keeping them sparkling clean and free from obstructions like closed blinds or heavy curtains. Adding full spectrum bulbs to lamps and overhead lights can also help.

3. Speaking of Green

Whatever color you decide to paint the walls, don't overlook the calming effect of green. A few well-chosen plants can relieve anxiety and will also do wonders to purify the air.

4. Take Yourself Seriously

If you've settled on a cast-off student desk, a 1990s office chair, and a big box home printer, it's time for an upgrade. Serious work deserves serious office equipment. Your investment will pay off through increased productivity and fewer downtimes. And keep the receipt. Office equipment qualifies for a tax deduction!

It's okay to take your home office seriously—we do! Contact us at Base Technologies for the office equipment you need to get work done faster and more efficiently.