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Five Ways Managed Print Can Improve Your Retail Operation Skip to main content


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Five Ways Managed Print Can Improve Your Retail Operation

Sun May 28, 2023 | Base Technologies

It can be difficult for businesses to keep track of their print infrastructure. The retail industry is unique in that it is often widely distributed across numerous locations, making it even harder to track print volumes and cost. Managed Print can be a real boon to those in the retail industry, helping to reign in wasteful printing practices, save money, and improve productivity.

How Managed Print Can Make an Impact

  1. Track usage. There's no way to reduce what you can't first measure. Find out exactly how much your retail offices are printing, including an insightful cost-per-page analysis. Your Managed Print provider will follow up with suggestions to eliminate unnecessary printing.

  2. Improve workflows. Your organization may have more printers than it needs, and they may not be used in the most efficient manner. Managed Print Services can help with fleet right-sizing and strategic relocation of devices to improve the way work gets done.

  3. Reduce downtimes. Nothing is more frustrating than printers that quit working just when your staff needs them the most. Remote device monitoring is one of the many benefits of Printer Management that you'll love. If an issue arises, your Managed Print technicians will take care of it, often before your staff is aware it exists.

  4. Free up your IT staff. Printer issues, from paper jams to user difficulties, usually top the list of IT helpdesk calls. Your Managed Print services provider can relieve the burden from your IT staff so they can focus on their real jobs.

  5. Improve customer service. When your team loses focus because of printer issues (toner outages, functionality issues, etc.), they can't give their full attention to customers.

Say YES to Environmental Responsibility

Last, but certainly not least, is your company's commitment to the environment. Managed Print Services can help your retail enterprise reduce waste. Use less paper, fewer consumables, and less energy. You'll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and your customers will appreciate your efforts.

To learn more ways Managed Print Services can help your retail organization succeed, contact us today. We can help!