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Could Your Business Benefit from MPS?

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

It is a legitimate question for any business person to ask: can this save me money? It is also a question many business people have asked in regard to managed print services. There is a lot of talk about MPS, but at the end of the day, will your business save money by onboarding managed print services today? Like most other money-saving ventures, this one is worth looking into a bit more. Let's see how MPS might benefit your business.

Increased Security for Your Business

An incredibly serious concern for any business is security. Many employees, when asked, admit to frequently seeing confidential correspondence, private information, and printed documents relating to payroll. Using managed print services as your aid, you can take better security measures to prevent unauthorized eyes from viewing the wrong material. Something as simple as an ID or sign in system can allow the person printing to hold their print job until they personally have signed in to receive their printed documents; suddenly there are no worries about the wrong people coming into contact with private information.

Reduced Waste

When you know how much you are using when it comes to consumables, you can control that amount. By monitoring the use of paper, toner and other consumable print-related assets, you're set up to eliminate waste wherever possible.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

While you're reducing the number of toner cartridges and reams of paper you use per day, you are also reducing your overall carbon footprint. This has become a high priority for many businesses across the globe, and for good reason.

Are you interested in the savings and benefits you could gain through managed print services? Contact us today and we'll talk more!