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3 Types of Office Equipment Every Business Needs

Mon May 29, 2023 | Base Technologies

Your office equipment should work FOR you—not against you when you need it most. What does this mean? That you should have the availability to use the machine when you need it. If your equipment is constantly taken down with maintenance issues, or your printer is too busy with other jobs to be used for scanning, you will want to make some upgrades.

Below, we lined out the three types of office equipment that every business needs so you can ensure you're covered, and you are making the most of your equipment investments.

Printer and Copier

Your printer and copier need to be updated enough that they can operate on the volume and resolution you need, and also the speed. In addition, you'll want critical security features like password protection and key features like editing apps. If your printer or copier is on its last legs or can't complete the work you need, it's probably time to talk to a vendor about getting a new one that will improve operations and productivity.


Speaking of productivity, having a separate scanner can make projects more efficient as well. Ensuring that you can complete scanning jobs separate from the printer/copier—and leave that available for other teams to use—makes a big difference in workflows and operations. A scanner will help streamline workflows when needed and provide focused products when they're needed. It's a win for everyone.


Your shredder can have the comprehensive security closure you need when you've already invested in secure printing, copying, and digitizing files. Make sure you have the office equipment you need—before you need it—by talking to the Base Technologies team.